Saker jag lärt mig i Italien


En sak till.

Jag klarar av och vågar så mycket mer än jag tror.

Things I’ve learnt in Italy.

A timegiven by a other person, is just a proposal of when the other person might show up. It can be the given time, or one/two hours later.

A train that has windows which don’t open during the train ride is a luxury.

To use the pope for marketing the trains is a given thing.

There is no need to worry if you meet men in uniform carrying machine-guns. Its just the Italian way.

The water in Milan has a higher boiling point than the water in Finland.

Don’t ever assume that a green man at a pedestrian crossing means you can safely cross the road.

Pepsi Limone is a beverage that should be available for everyone.

It may, at some point, become a necessity to explain to the Italian police that you in fact are waiting for you Uber, not selling explicit services.

They have no “pantti” system here either dad. Outrageous, I know.

Always keep away from the metro before soccer games. And if you still end up there, for the love of avocados, make sure you do not stand next to a tall man. No one likes sniffing armpit for 5 stations.

One more thing.

I can and have the courage to do so much more than i think.



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